Todd Michael Hall Pulling Teeth


In the 1990's Harlet became influenced by many different types of music. As a result, their music became much more diverse. When Harlet members, Todd Michael Hall (vocals), Jon David (bass), and Tod Walraven (guitar) joined forces with new drummer Rob Franz, they decided to change the name of the band to Pulling Teeth to reflect the change in their musical direction. Pulling Teeth recorded a 12-song CD that was independently released in late 1994.



The self-titled Pulling Teeth CD demonstrated a more mature song writing ability and was also very eclectic, containing many different musical styles throughout the CD.

Pulling Teeth played a few shows, but really was not able to support the CD very much, because drummer Rob Franz was unable to play live shows due to other personal responsibilities. By 1996, Todd decided to leave the band due to increased responsibilities in his personal life and a disagreement with Jon over the future direction of the band. Pulling Teeth ceased to exist, as Jon David and Tod Walraven continued on with an original project under the name Ratchetjaw.

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