Todd Michael Hall Reverence
In December of 2010, Todd was contacted by guitarist Bryan Holland. Bryan had most recently been playing with Tokyo Blade and he was looking to start a new project. After talking about their influences and their goals, Bryan and Todd realized they had a lot in common. Todd was also excited by the fact that he would have much more creative input into the band. Reverence would be Todd and Bryan's band and Todd would have total responsibility for writing the lyrics and vocal melodies.

Bryan and Todd set to work writing songs and after getting almost all the songs written for their first release, second guitarist, Pete Rossi, joined the fold and added his input to the songs bringing the whole project up to an even higher level. The band was rounded out by Steve "Doc Killdrums" Wacholz of Savatage fame on drums and Frank Kruckel on bass. Shortly before releasing When Darkness Calls in June of 2012, Frank decided he could not tour with the band and was replaced by Ned Meloni of Burning Starr for the promotional photos and videos. When the European tour finally rolled around over a year later, Ned Meloni could not get time away and was replaced by Michael Massie.

When Darkness Calls CD
Darkness Promo Photo
Reverence played a few shows in the US and Europe in support of When Darkness Calls and then set to work on a second release. A follow up album, Gods of War, was released in November of 2015.

Gods of War CD
Although Todd was really proud of his work with Reverence and considered Reverence "his" band, he ended up finding it very difficult to balance his family and work responsibilities along with being in three different bands. Since he is primarily a family man and a business man, the six weeks each year Todd spent touring with Riot V made it very difficult to spend more time away playing live with Burning Starr or Reverence. Although it was a sad moment, Bryan and Todd agreed to part ways and Reverence is continuing on with a new vocalist.
Darkness Promo Photo