Todd Michael Hall Riot V
Riot V, the new band featuring nearly all the surviving members of the most recent lineup of U.S. metal pioneers Riot, is continuing on in honor of the late great founding Riot guitarist Mark Reale, who died from complications from Crohn's Disease in early 2012. The musicians decided to continue on with the blessings from the estate of Reale to keep the music and spirit of Riot alive.

The continuing members decided to alter the name to Riot V as the fifth chapter of the band's long history as well as Todd Michael Hall being the fifth singer following Guy Speranza (March 1956 - November 2003), Rhett Forrester (September 1956 – January 1994), Tony Moore and Mike Dimeo in the some 30-odd years of the band's existence.

Riot V's lineup features longtime Riot members Mike Flyntz (guitar), who had been Reale's guitar partner for over 25 years, and bassist/songwriter Don Van Stavern ("Thundersteel", "Privilege Of Power", "Immortal Soul"), new vocalist Todd Michael Hall and Riot's "Army Of One" drummer Frank Gilchriest.

Although Reale can never be replaced, Riot V recruited former student-turned-teacher at Mike Flyntz's guitar school in Long Island, New York, young guitar virtuoso Nick Lee, to handle the rhythm and lead guitar duties for the band's live shows and new album.

Todd's first album with Riot V, Unleash The Fire, was released in October of 2014 and since then they have played numerous shows around the world. They are currently recording a follow up album slated to be released in 2017.

Riot V "Take Me Back"

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